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Ad Network Solutions

Establish your own advertiser-publisher network with XYZ Admarket, a dynamic PHP + MySQL powered script designed to revolutionize your ad-netowrking endeavors! With its seamless integration, you can effortlessly build a platform akin to industry giants like Google Ads/AdSense, Bidvertiser, or Media.net.

Empowering both advertisers and publishers, XYZ Admarket at its core is Cost-Per-Click (CPC) text and banner ad display network. But that’s not all! With our wide array of addons, from CPA, CPM, and CPD options to Affiliate Ads, Vast Video and HTML5 ads, Interstitial Ads, E-Commerce Ads, Pop Ads, Native Ads Display, Referral System, Bitcoin Payments, Category and Site Targeting, and Re-targeting functionalities, the possibilities are limitless, and success is just a click away!

Classifieds Solutions

Looking to build your own online classifieds empire? Look no further than XYZ Classifieds Script! This user-friendly script, built with PHP and MySQL, lets you to set up and manage your very own platform, rivaling giants like Craigslist. The free core package grants access to essential features like unlimited categories and user ad posting. Want even more control? XYZ Classifieds Script boasts extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor ad details with custom fields for each category. And to monetize  your classifieds, the ultimate edition unlocks features like user subscriptions, and highlighted listings, transforming your classifieds platform into a potential revenue stream.

XYZ Shopping Cart

XYZ Shopping Cart is your one-stop shop for launching a successful online store! This user-friendly script, built with PHP and MySQL, makes it easy to set up your website and manage your products. It caters to both beginners and experienced sellers, offering a variety of features right out of the box. Create unlimited categories and subcategories to organize your products, accept payments through PayPal, and even leverage built-in marketing tools to showcase special offers and featured items.

XYZ Shopping Cart allows for product filtering and sorting by price, popularity, and more. And for those looking to expand their reach, there are even add-on features available, like multi-vendor marketplaces and advertising systems. So, ditch the technical hassles and focus on building your dream online store with XYZ Shopping Cart!

Social Media Marketing

This WordPress plugin automates the process of sharing your blog posts to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Simply configure it and watch your content flow effortlessly to social media, saving you time and keeping your audience engaged. More

This WordPress plugin seamlessly connects to your Facebook page and automatically publishes your new blog posts. No more manual copying and pasting – simply create your content and watch it appear on Facebook, saving you precious time and effort. More

This WordPress plugin seamlessly connects to your Twitter account and automatically publishes your blog posts as tweets. No coding required! Simply configure the plugin and watch your latest content flow directly to your Twitter followers. More

Short on time to manage your LinkedIn presence? LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin for WordPress comes to the rescue! This user-friendly plugin automates sharing your blog posts directly to your LinkedIn profile. Simply configure the plugin and watch your content appear on LinkedIn. More

Juggling a WordPress blog and Tumblr account can be time-consuming. Take a break with WP Tumblr Auto Publish! This plugin seamlessly bridges the gap, automatically publishing your WordPress posts directly to your Tumblr account. More

Email Marketing

Our email marketing solutions empower businesses to cultivate customer relationships and drive sales through targeted email campaigns.

Take control of your email marketing with XYZ Email Marketing Manager! This script empowers you to design and send professional newsletters and targeted email campaigns directly from your website. Built on PHP and MySQL, it’s user-friendly and feature-rich, allowing you to personalize messages, segment your audience lists, and track campaign performance – all in one place. Increase customer engagement and boost your marketing efforts with XYZ Email Marketing Manager!
This user-friendly WordPress plugin simplifies creating and sending beautiful email newsletters. Build your subscriber list, craft compelling messages in plain text or HTML, and send targeted campaigns with confidence. Plus, built-in anti-spam measures ensure your emails land in the right inboxes. Focus on connecting with your audience, and leave the technicalities to Newsletter Manager.

WordPress Plugins

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